At NexGen Racecars we set out to build you an extremely high-quality chassis on time while paying attention to every detail and customer’s needs. NexGen….Taking it to the Next Level!!!

NexGen Racecars was opened in January of 2023 by Ray Miller, III. Ray has spent his life racing and building racecars. Learning to weld when he was 12 years-old he quickly picked up every aspect of chassis building in the 15+ years of experience. Not only can we build you a high-quality racecar with our 20 years of racing experience we can help you tune the car to perfection after the sale. When Ray isn’t in shop building winning racecars, he is at the track driving them and acquiring knowledge to make them better and more user friendly! When Ray decided to open NexGen Racecars his main goals were quality, customer service, and being on time with delivery of your new car. We focus on quality over quantity! At NexGen there is a package for everyone; from a base car you can take home and finish yourself to a complete show worthy turn key ride! The same quality and attention to detail goes into them all. We strive to come up with new innovative ideas: such as electric steering and pedals for driver adjustability, quick release nose, scoop, and belly pan, and much more! We look forward to building the ride of your dreams! Give us a call or request a quote today!

15+ Years chassis building
20+ Years RACING